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With 25 years of researching and developing the Rife technology with doctors, clinics,practitioners, scientists ,researchers and engineers.
The longest producing Rife machine manufacturer offers the BEST in 21st century”Rife” technology with the Advanced BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Device  and (former models BCX 211, BCX 411, Biotec 2000),
Bioelectrics will MATCH any qualified price quote and ALL SALE prices on the BCX Equipment.With 18 years teaching about frequency and heath,We look forward to working with you towards your good health. Also visit

All BCX units have a 3 year warranty for parts & labor on BCX unit & a 60 day return with 10% restocking fee

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Frequency Generator Machines

These are standalone devices, capable of generating up to 4MHz

Basic Unit

BCX Ultra Frequency Generator

Click Image to view Specifications Table

Radio Frequency Plasma

Cost $2,695.00


BCX ULTRA Control Module with D.C. Power Supply-220 adaptable

Two Argon Glass Ray Tube Electrodes

1 pair Stainless-Steel Hand Electrodes –

 1 pair Stainless-Steel Foot Electrodes –

Comprehensive Operating Instructions-Frequency Manual -  Instructional DVD – Carrying/Storage Case.-Two year warranty on parts labor-glass tubes excluded.FREE UPS ground shipping in the in the US.Price:  $2695.00 US funds **** And the Very best in assistance and lifetime customer support.

  • The very best Rife type Machine

BCX Ultra Lite
w/ Beam Tube

BCX Ultra Lite

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4MHz Plasma Beam Tube

Cost: $3,695.00

The Exciting new BCX Ultra Lite

  • Contains all the programs and the programming capability of the BCX Ultra
  • Ability to run electrodes( metal footplates and metal cylinders) from 1Hz to 4 MHz
  • Allows for hands-free easy operation and delivery of the radio frequency
  • Does NOT run handheld ray tubes

BCX Ultra
Foot Detox Bath

BCX Ultra Foot Bath

Click Image to view Specifications Table

Cost $1295.00

Presenting the new foot bath machine

The only Frequency Generating Machine simultaneously running a foot bath with Rife frequencies.

Our BCX Ultra Foot Bath is very easy to use in dialing up the time and intensity. We will be using titanium plates to reduce the release of oxidized metal in the water.

People are reporting getting some major detox by using the BCX Ultra and the BCX Ultra Foot Bath together.

We are finding that it takes 1 teaspoon or less of salt  to run our foot bath.


Frequency Generator
Advanced Accessories

These accessories require the BCX ULTRA Basic Unit to function.
They WILL NOT work with the BCX ULTRA Lite or on their own

4MHz Plasma
Beam Tubes

4MHz Plasma Beam Tube

Click Image to view Specifications Table

BT-HFPCM2 High Frequency

Cost: $2,665.00

Generates Plasma discharge and minor Electric Field Operating frequency: 1Hz to 4 MHz Wave Form: (square, sine, etc.) Variable Intensity Power: 125 microjoules/pulse (96 watts @ 4.00 MHz)  

OUR MOST powerful out put to date

Tube Type: Phanatron Tube

Purchase in package combined with BCX ULTRA

Additional Hardware:

Complete handheld accessories kit: $400
(includes ray tubes, metal cylinders, metal foot plates & gel pads)

We suggest buying the complete package with accessories for $4945.00

Replacement Hand-Held Ray Tubes

Hanheld Ray Tubes

Click Image to view Specifications Table

Cost $170/pair

or $85 each (if you only need one)
+$12 shipping

For Use w/ BCX ULTRA only

  • Plasma Carrier Modulator (AC Radio Frequencies (RF)
  • Conduction
  • Electromagnetic (EM)
  • Electric Field (E-Field)
  • Ultra-red (UR)
  • Visible & Ultra-violet (UV) Light

Bio Electric Pulser
w/ PEMF Mat

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Mat

Cost $1342.00

Mat, Concentrator and Controller
(20w, PEMF therapy, 6ft x 4ft 10″)

NEW! Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Mat (PEMF) – This option provides all of the many benefits of PEMF therapy with the unique capability of pulsing BCX Rife Frequencies into the mat from the BCX control unit. The frequency range of the mat is from 10 Hz. to 10,000 Hz. Power output is maximum of 20 Watts, depending upon the program. We are introducing this at a fantastic price.

Needs the BCX Ultra to run this accessory

Purchase as a package with the BCX Ultra

Purchse PEMF Mat by itself

Read more about PEMF Technology

Ultra High Power LED Wands

Ultra High Power LED Wands

Click Image to view Specifications Table

Cost $ 262.00 Each Color

Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW530A (Green) Wavelength 530 nm Intensity 435 Lumens

Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW626A (Red) Wavelength 626 nm Intensity 255 Lumens

Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW470A (Blue) Wavelength 470 nm Intensity 174 Lumens

Ultra HP LED Wands output roughly 40 times that of the standard Ultra LED wands and pulse at 1mhz, 1.25mhz, and 1.67mhz. The standard LED wand won’t pulse above 100khz.

NASA released a paper on healing benefits of LEDs


LED Wands - Bioelectrics

Click Image to view Specifications Table

Cost $90.00 Each Color

  • Wavelength for colored LED’s ranges from long (infrared), to short (ultraviolet). White is a mixture of colors centered around a middle (color temperature).
  • Luminous Intensity is the most accurate indicator of LIGHT INTENSITY.
  • Beam width and Focal plane define the distance from the light source where the light is most even.
  • Luminous flux takes into account the area over which the light at a given intensity is spread, and is the best representation of the QUANTITY OF LIGHT emitted.
  • Power in watts is a poor representation of the light output. It actually only shows the electrical consumption of the device.

Vortex Tube- Plasma Carrier

Vortex Tube - BCX Ultra

Click Image to view Specifications Table

Vortex Unit

Cost: $1195.00

  • Vortex Unit (includes tube, works with the Ultra)
  • Operates at a 45 hz carrier frequency
  • Can be modulated 1 to 45hz with any wave form (square, sine, etc.)
  • Variable Intensity Power
  • 48 watts maximum


Frequency Generator
Standard Accessories

These accessories require one of our frequency generators to function.
They WILL NOT work on their own

Standard Electrode

Handheld Accessories - BCX Ultra

Click Image to view Specifications Table

Cost $ 200.00
For Use w/ BCX ULTRA or BCX ULTRA Lite

Electric Conduction Device

  • Metal Hand Cylinders
  • Metal Foot Plates
  • Gel Pads

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